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The people that takes bird’s nest should meet those who understand bird’s nest make a method. But the practice of everybody is different, so the flavour of bird’s nest also should be different. But bird’s nest must be boiled, because of nutrient bird’s nest having a way can be thoroughlied cook. The time that just cooks should be different, just can produce nutrition not the problem of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. But how long should be bird’s nest boiled?

The practice of bird’s nest () of traditional swallow small cup:

1, choose a; of in good condition swallow small cup

2, take a bowl, add clear water, put swallow small cup. After bubble hair is finished, take out;

3, the fine fur in the bird’s nest that opens bubble with forceps and foreign matter take out, use clear water full a few times;

4, the bird’s nest ribbon that picks clean, do not want strand; as far as possible

5, the crock outside stewpan adds clear water, bravery joins bird’s nest and accommodative clean water; inside

6, clear water is added in caldron, put stewpan into caldron, big baked wheaten cake leaves, tone is stewed slow to disappear fire, about 40-45 minute can;

7, in pouring the bird’s nest that has stewed into the bowl, rootShanghai night net

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According to individual taste be fond of, join the collocation such as juice of rock candy water, coco, milk, fruit can edible.

The practice of bird’s nest (stew) of pure bird’s nest namely:

1. takes to stew pure bird’s nest namely, tear apart sealed film, enter bird’s nest inside bravery;

2. presses 1:40 scale add cold clean water (exemple: 1 gram bird’s nest joins 40ml, 3 grams add 120ml clean water) ;

The crock outside 3. adds 600ml tap water, will inside bravery buy is entered outside in crock, special crock fills in on a place of strategic importance, on electromagnetism furnace tone comes after 1000W above conflagration is burned, move to 700-800W slow fire to stew the 15-20 that boil again minute;

The bird’s nest in the bravery inside 4. general falls into tableware, join rock candy, fruit to wait according to individual taste, can enjoy.

How long should be bird’s nest stewed?

From the flow above everybody should be OK find bird’s nest to stew muchA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Long answer:

1, traditional swallow small cup stews the means that boil with the traditionSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Shanghai Long Feng forum
: 40-45 or so minutes (do not have the computational bubble hair, time that chooses Mao Qing to wash, calculate on this 2 paces probably 4-5 the hour is controlled) ;

2, stew pure bird’s nest with patent bird’s nest namely: 20 minutes or so (5 minutes heat boiled water, after water leaves 15 minutes can be stewed boil good) . Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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