[it is good to often have tomato] – of benefit of _ advantage _

Article introduction

Tomato of in actual life to people it is more familiar food, tomato contains rich nutrient element and red element of a variety of vitamins and eggplant among them, often edible is better to the body, can prevent body disease effectively, the inflammation that still can relieve the body and heart disease, also can make the skin becomes better, make a hair more healthy, because this often has tomato,still had compared to the body.

It is good to often have tomato

It is good to often have tomato?

1, relieve inflammation

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The first advantage that takes tomato is, it can be helped reduce the inflammation inside the body, the tomato red element that it contains this profit from. It is OK also of course to eat tomato raw, the tomato that thoroughlies cook nevertheless contains more tomato red element, because this will be better to reducing inflammation effect. Inflammation can cause a lot of diseases, include heart disease and cancer, the skin that also can let us at the same time grows blain. Juicily tomato, it is OK to return dispel blain

2, decrease bask in an injury

Whatever moment, the station is below the sun too long the skin can be basked in, often have the person of tomato however, can be than common person station below the sun insolate is longer, the skin won’t float red! This and eat tomato to be able to relieve inflammation truth of this one advantage is in together, but such advantage is returned apart for.

It is good to often have tomato

3, make hair more Fu Guangze

Feel oneself hair is extremely coarse? The vitamin A that contains a lot ofin tomato, conduce to make your hair more burnish, look more healthy.

4, improvement eyesight

The place in tomato contains some vitamin A, can help precautionary eye disease, include nyctalopia among them. Have tomato more, eyesight can get ameliorative on certain level.

5, reduce blood pressure

Using medicaments to reduce blood pressure is a kind of method, nevertheless another kind of good method has tomato more namely, because potassium element is contained in tomato, this is to fall the crucial place of blood pressure.

Have which kind of food rarely to tomato such, can eat raw with fruity identity already, make fruit juice or make salad, can appear often on dining table with vegetable identity again. But in light of the nutrient content from tomato, more resemble a fruit.

It is good to often have tomato

Other benefit

1, prevent breast cancer, prevent other canceration process

Tomato contains C of many phylloerythrin, vitamin to wait, have combat oxidation effect distinctly, the freedom inside cleared body base, protect a cell, make deoxidization ribotide and gene spare destroy, can prevent canceration progress.

Tomato Gong Suke reduces the generating of new blood vessel of mammary gland tumour, decrease, block is brokenShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Tumor makes offerings to, restrain mammary gland tumour to grow. Eat 1-2 everyday tomato is right prevent prostate cancer, reduce rectum cancer, lung cancer to wait come on.

2, tomato conduces to combustionLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Through heating tomato juice, contain many can burn adipose linoleic acid, every eat eats 3 two tomato or the ripe tomato that drink 200 milliliter raw juice1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, conduce to reduce weight.

3, often have tomato for eye of precautionary yellow spot

The person arrives after old age, the problem of decline cannot evasive. The old person sees a thing need more brightness, see books and newspaper take pain to, more difficult to the distinction of dark blue and sap green. Senile sex yellow spot is out of shape the eye that concerns with the age is ill.

Eat more contain C of zinc, vitamin and E, carotene, can reduce the happening of denaturation of senile sex yellow spot. Tomato, on the west orchid, corn, green pea contain many carotene, eat the vegetable with carotene higher content everyday, can prevent the happening of yellow spot denaturation.

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4, have tomato the positive effect to male reproduction system

Tomato red element, can reduce senile sex prostate to increase the appearance that creates bladder to be oppressed, reduce direct protection of; of get up in the night to urinate and repair prostate organization, urgent to hyperplasia of hypertrophy of the prostate, prostate and uric micturition and guide by prostate diseaseShanghai noble baby

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The male disease such as the impotent, premature ejaculation that send.