[seafood and garlic can eat together] – of contraindication of food of _ of _ choice seafood

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Although seafood tastes very delicious, but must notice when eating seafood, seafood and very much food are digested. If eat the food that left photograph gram at the same time when eating seafood, cause bromatoxism symptom easily. But garlic serves as a kind of common dressing, people often is preferred when making food put garlic, but a few garlic can be put to go in when eating seafood undertake flavorring, can you cause bromatoxism?

Can seafood and garlic eat together

Flavour of marine moral character is cold cool, jiang Xingre, feed together with sea product can counteract cold sex, in case the body is unwell. And the unripe garlic, itself that feed vinegar is having very good antiseptic effect, to sea product the harmful bacteria of medium a few remain also rose to be killed certainly except action

Seafood cannot be mixed what food eats together

Although seafood is delicious, but in edible when the thing that needs an attention also has a lot of. So with what cannot seafood eat together? Overcome with seafood photograph and cannot commensal food basically has: Vitamin C kind food vegetables and fruits, cold cool food, alcohol kind food, fruit. Want to notice, allergic to its and the person that can cause eczema careful feed.

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1, seafood cannot be fed together with many vitamin C.

In waiting for crustacean seafood to taste, shrimp, crab contains certain high concentration ” 5 price arsenic ” , its itself is harmless to human body, but when taking many vitamin C at the same time, “5 price arsenic ” can change into ” tervalent arsenic ” (namely * , common weighs *) , can bring about; of acute arsenic poisoning serious person still can endanger life.

Can seafood and garlic eat together

2, seafood cannot be fed together with cold cool food.

Seafood nature is cold cool, had better avoid when edible with a few cold cool food is collective edible, for instance the vegetable such as hollow dish, cucumber, after the meal also not should immediately a few more drinkable resemble water of soda water, ice, ice cream such iced drink, the attention eats less or do not eat watermelon even, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The sexual cold fruit such as pear, lest bring about the body unwell.

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Delicacy cannot be fed together with beer, claret.

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Edible seafood while drinkable and many beer, can produce overmuch uric acid, cause gout thereby. Uric acid is overmuch, meeting deposit is in joint or parenchyma, cause joint and parenchyma inflammation thereby.

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Can feed together with the fruit.

Can seafood and garlic eat together

The sea product such as fish, shrimp, crab contains rich eggA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Bai Zhihe is calcic (calcic food) wait for nutriment. And more tannic acid is contained in the fruit, after if eat the sea to produce,be being tasted, eat a fruit immediately, not only the absorption of influence human body to protein, the calcium in seafood returns the union of tannic acid photograph in meeting and fruit, form the calcium of difficult dissolve, can produce stimulation to gastric bowel path, cause the symptom such as bellyacke, disgusting, vomiting even. 2 hours of above eat best interval again.