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People is in finish the body that oneself can find after the operation is exceedingly frail, counteractive ability also is very low, the nurture with the compensatory and enough body that this moment gives him with respect to need is qualitative, can drink a few boiling water more, these are very benefit at digestive, just beginning nevertheless had better be not to drink a few very fat boiling water, can drink a few clear soup, such word just won’t is opposite oneself gastric bowel path is digested raise negative charge.

Encyclopedia of cookbook of soup of the nutrition after art

A large number of moisture and long cook make soup mixed a lot of flavor and fragrance ingredient. By flavor different, soup can have the effect such as be bored with of appetizing, entree, compensatory moisture, solution. The food with itself very tasteless flavour if bean curd, ground rice, fim matchs the edible since bright Shang Yi more.

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The leftover pieces of edible carries boiling water, boil especially make clear soup, be made full use of. For example Beijing roast duck most the soup that end often matchs useful duck framework to make.

The process that the Shang Ke on Chinese dish is dining any time, western-style food is in one begin, soup goes up after appetizing dish. Japan and Korea peninsula are the edge has a meal the edge drinks boiling water.

Most soup flavors for saline taste, a few soup is sweet taste (sweet soup, be like) of a thick soup of lotus seed of fruit soup, tremella, do not flavor individually (for example rice water) . Common heat up edible to take the advantage of, soup of Spanish aspic soup, a few collect the Song DynastyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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For the edible after refrigeration.

Encyclopedia of cookbook of soup of the nutrition after art

From have broth with the cent on makings (include animal flesh and birds pork) , seafoodForum of Shanghai night net

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Soup, element soup.

Have clear soup from mouthfeel, contain the hoosh with very much material of solid in suspension, breastLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Milk boiling water of white. The milk boiling water in European dish uses bovine breast or bright butter more, chinese dish calls those who suckle soup not to use dairy produce, give suspension from the extraction in material of other animal sex however adipose grain creates lacteal chaotic condition.

Be in Chinese Guangzhou, boiled long soup to call ” old fire boiling water ” . Old fire boiling water is thought to have higher nutrient component normally.

The viscosity of soup normally prep above water, mouthfeel is stiff thick. Can make soup moreForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Add ropy common composition to have:

Encyclopedia of cookbook of soup of the nutrition after art

Content of solid in suspension, for example the frangipani, vegetable that is made into oar shape.

Suspension is adipose grain, suckle soup for example.

Amylaceous, for example potato, buckwheat, rice.

Protein especially collagen albumen, for example the character that soup-stock often uses certain amount, skin, hoof stew boil and become.