[the what athletic little common sense that should we know is there? ] how does _ move –

Article introduction

Normally we move is to exercise, but we are being returned about athletic respect have a lot of errors, these errors make very likely our effect halve that take exercise, and the athletic result that a few little common sense can yield us however is clearer, so we see the athletic common sense that what can help us together!

The what athletic little common sense that should we know is there?

One, what should notice before motion

Before 1. moves 2 hours do not take food, a few beef or thin pork had better eat in before motion 3 hours, but do not suggest to eat fat Peng to change provision;

2. does not drink many water before motion, proposal but small mouth is drinkable a few physiological saline;

3. does not wear soft sole to attend and so on of ran, high jump, long jump to move, bootlace does not want too long;

4. before today in the eveningLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Answer to rest as early as possible, check looks up sportswear to have, do a few can make normally oneself happy thing

The what athletic little common sense that should we know is there?

2, what should notice after motion

1, how does athletic hind water scientificly:

Motion wastes energy not only, also use up moisture, especially summer has campaign, often the mouth does glossal dry, this water that how loses inside additional system is divided, also be a respect that needs an attention.

The first it is the quality problem that water. ShouldFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Do not drink all sorts of beverage as far as possible, and so on of such as soda water; Want to drink plain boiled water, or gram soup, or the weak brine of 1% , divide heat with heat up, inside seasonable complement body as a result of the natrium that a large number of perspiring and loses.

The 2nd it is the water that avoid takes super-cooling. Because at ordinary times the person’s body1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Lukewarm control in 37 ℃ , after the course moves, can rise to 39 ℃ left and right sides, if the water of drinkable super-cooling, can spur gastric bowel talk strongly, cause gastric bowel hemal and flowing flesh convulsion, abrupt systole, cause gastric bowel function disorder, bring about indigestion.

The 3rd it is the quantity that water. Perspire in motion much, need drinkable water to measure nature big, but cannot drink sufficient, should divide second drinkable. Water the quantity should not exceed 200 milliliter commonly, water twice at least removed 15 minutes. Water additionally speed wants slow, cannot pass fierce.

2, after motion 5 unfavorable:

The first it is unfavorable smoke instantly. Athletic hind smokes immediately, the smog with the much interfuse in the air inside inspiratory lung, will reduce oxygen amount on one hand, because offer oxygen inadequacy,will appear on the other hand the bosom is frowsty, asthma, giddy, lack of power etc. The data makes clear, the danger that smokes when the body is tired is compared at ordinary times bigger.

The 2nd it is unfavorable bathe immediately. A large number of blood inside the body when motion distributing to reach body table in limb, once motion stops, addition haemal amount lasts for some time even, right now if bathe immediately, easy bring about blood to enter sarcous skin too much, will make the inadequacy offerring blood of heart and cerebra.

The 3rd it is unfavorable and gluttonous cold drink. Dehydrate after motion more, often dry of buccal dry tongue, long drinks water, if drink next many cold drink,cause a stomach easily at this momentA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The disease such as alvine convulsion, bellyacke, diarrhoea. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The 4th it is unfavorable crouch sit rest. Because next rest crouch on athletic wheeler, go against circumfluence of lower limbs blood, influence blood circulates, the exhaustion of easy aggravating human body.

The 5th it is unfavorable have a meal instantly. Neurological control is worn when motion muscle activity, and those who manage official of the viscera inside human body is neurological be in check status. At the same time systemic blood also is in athletic organ place, splanchnic place is less, take food right now, can increase the burden of peptic.

The what athletic little common sense that should we know is there?

Exhaustion eliminates after motion 4 methods:

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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(1) , amply Morpheus

Morpheus is the linchpin that removes fatigue refection. Canvasser should assure the 8 Morpheus of 9 one hours everyday, make airframe is in loosen condition completely.

(2) , massage

Through massaging not only can promote pallium excitement and low-key changeover, because of what exhaustion causes nerve adjustment disappears mussily, still can promote haemal circulation, strengthen local blood to supply, eliminate exhaustion. When massaging, carry with kneading give priority to, use alternately by pressure, buckle fold wait for gimmick, massage can be after athletic end or sleep in the evening ongoing travel.

(3) , arrange move

Stop abruptly after violent campaign, can affect the complement of oxygen and vein blood circumfluence, make blood pressure is reduced, cause undesirable reaction. Accordingly, should do after motion arrange motion, the start is slow, loosen, make the body restores.

(4) , reasonable arrangement prandial

Complementary capabilities and vitamin should notice when exhaustion, especially candy, vitamin C reachs B1, should choose eat rich nutrition and easily digestive food, eat fresh vegetable, fruit more.