Share car policy bonus to release one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two markets to be fooled by domestic and international tycoon grab

After afterwards shares bicycle, share a car to enter people field of vision gradually, at present the whole nation exceeded 20 cities to appear to share a car, each capital of olfactory delicacy also is entered eagerly, domestic and international tycoon in succession layout, share a car to becoming all circles to contend for the new a place with a draught that invests. The personage inside course of study expresses, although share frequency of car interest good policy to go out, market demand increases ceaselessly, but the challenge that its development faces and problem are far over share bicycle, purchase cost and jockey cost tall look forward to perplexes an enterprise for a long time, what establishment of form a complete set does not perfect more difficult character is painful, how to solve a site little, charge the difficult problem such as insecurity of resource of brand of little, name is picket urgent affairs.

Share a car to be in many cities be born

With the mobile phone download shares car APP and finish register, skill machine is drawn out to sweep a code when using, get the key next, start a car to share a car to appearing like emerge in countrywide each district.

According to the reporter not complete count, at present 20 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen had appeared to share a car, brand and user present blowout state. GoFun appeared to give travel, Ba Ge to give travel, green dog to rent a car on the market at present, use car, 0 groups for a time happy enjoy, one hires car, Yi Ka to hire car, treasure to drive song of a travel, EVCARD, road TOGO, Che Puzhi.

GoFun goes out is a steam group division all right time-sharing of next new energy resources hire car brand, wait for the line on the city in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu at present. The reporter downloads GoFun to give an APP in shop of mobile phone application, register in number of the mobile phone that finish, Id of test and verify and driver’s license information, after referring cash pledge, car can be used near fixed position, bolt solution lock can be used easily.

Reporter discovery, mix in affirmatory site extraction a car after the site that return a vehicle, the meeting on APP shows course of development of boat of add of car information, batteries and valuation pattern. GoFun goes out to disclose all right, up to at the beginning of this year, the car amount that GoFun puts in inside Beijing already amounted to 1100, the site that rent is amounted to 100 many. Predict this year the end of the year, goFun goes out to expand soon many 20 city of countrywide, dot expand more than 1000.

Share what the car can increase illicit home vehicle to use efficiency, illicit home car is long-term and unused created enormous resources waste. Beijing car goes to serve Wang Yujing of limited company vise general manager to express all right, at present our country has a tra上海夜网论坛

vel demand of 450 million person-time everyday, so interpose shares a service at the car between public traffic and illicit home car market potential is tremendous, rapid growth trend but period. Disclose according to him, boreal steam group begins sortie car to share from 2014 rent with time-sharing, throw 10 100 million the brand is rented when establishing green travel to hire car, Beijing to give divide into equal parts of travel, Beijing green travel early or late.

EVCARD is the company of time-sharing of car of new energy resources that rent the brand below round-the-world Che Xiangqi, this platform already had site o上海贵族宝贝

f 2500 many 6000 car, operation in Shanghai only, day all uses more than 15000 person-time, every car is average travel time near 4 hours. By last year December, EVCARD enters Nanjing market, operation is close 3 months, the user measure that shares a car to be in Nanjing is growing quickly with multiple. According to the plan, 1200 cars will put in in Nanjing inside this year, layout 300 operation site.

Babble go out to roll out time-sharing to rent in Guangzhou all right share car service, be less than 5 months time, throw 300 cars, build 60 sites, the member that give guild reached 15000 people. On March 8, guangzhou of formal be born of road song TOGO, put in C3-XR of many 300 Xue Tielong to mix run quickly Smart.

Wait for resource of brand of urban car name as Beijing, Shanghai even more nervous, 23 lines city is become share car focus to contend for battlefield. Lake of Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Dalian, Hefei, overgrown with weeds, Pu Tian, Fosan, east the city such as battalion appeared to share a car.

On March 15, time-sharing of car of first new energy resources of An Shun city rents unifinication operation demonstrative project to start, always invest 370 million yuan of RMBs, after project building, will installing car of new energy resources of the construction inside suitable city limits to rent a place 200, transform parking space 7500.

In April 2016, farsighted gallop the hydrogenous krypton that amounts to limited company of science and technology of car of new energy resources to be rolled out in Dalian gives a new energy resources to share the route on car project, have car of new energy resources at present more than 100, the plan is in this year be born of 25 cities of countrywide.

Leave easily hire a car to already built in lake of overgrown with weeds 70 many the dot that rent, car of devoted new energy resources 1160, one car begs holiday hard.

Endingly supportive policy comes on stage thick and fast

Current, share car time-sharing to rent enter policy extra dividend period, policy of support carrying a layer on the head comes on stage in succession, policy of support of local form a complete set also is in ceaseless be born.

On March 5, premier Li Kejiang points out in governmental working report, should support and guide share economic progress, raise social natural resources to use efficiency, convenience people lives. Act on encourage innovation, include careful principle, make burgeoning industry superintend regulation.

Two meetings eve, national hair changes appoint ” share economy to develop a guideline ” seek an opinion, put forward to allow and encourage main body of of all kinds market active exploration shares economy new pattern of new job condition, accelerate the policy environment that forms comfortable part of one’s job to enjoy economic characteristic, encourage innovation to superintend mode to wait for program layout.

General office of the State Council releases ” the directive opinion that popularizes application about accelerating car of new energy resources ” point out, in the individual time-sharing of use domain exploration is rented, car is shared, truckload rent and mortgage buy the pattern such as car of new energy resources, seasonable summary extends scientific and efficient way.

In March 2016, hair change appoint ministry of associated China Communist News Ministry, science and technology, Ministry of finance in all print and distribute of 10 ministries and commissions ” the directive opinion that consumes about promoting green ” point out, supportive development shares economy, urge an individual unused resources is used effectively, orderly development has car to rent oneself, innovation superintends means, perfect credit system.

Last year in December, national hair changes appoint print and distribute ” system of green development quota ” and ” zoology civilization builds assessment cause system ” , as zoology civilization construction evaluates the basis of assessment. Among them, car of new energy resources retains capacity increase rate is one of assessment index.

As in the center of encourage policy to come on stage ceaselessly, policy of support of local form a complete set also is in ceaseless be born. Beijing traffic appoint put forward, share the setting the car parking space and charge picket, if 2 annulus, 3 annulus the space below trestle of 40 more than place is transformed,rent a place to share a car, the park that is used technically at these cars and charge. In addition, beijing government still will advance time-sharing to lease site overall arrangement, before predicting the end of the year, time-sharing rents a car to will achieve 2000.

Shanghai comes on stage ” the directive opinion that promotes time-sharing of car of new energy resources to rent course of study to develop about this city ” emphasize, preferential safeguard spends demand with the specified number of pure electric car that hires at time-sharing, to time-sharing the enterprise that rent buys car of new energy resources to offer subsidy, to charging with what hire a service at time-sharing establishment construction and operation offer subsidy. To the end of 2020, time-sharing of car of new energy resources rents service site to exceed 6000, pure electric car exceeds 20000, charge picket exceeds 30000.

According to reporter understanding, chengdu is accelerating time-sharing of car of protocol new energy resources to rent development guidance opinion, in order to encourage, drive, its develop the standard. In the meantime, chengdu still will accelerate research to promote share jockey the method of development and act, conformity stops carfare source, drive Internet + jockey shirt-sleeve development.

Share a travel to make investment wind gap

Share the market demand with huge overlay of economic interest good policy, share a car to making investment wind gap. Tycoon of domestic and international car in succession layout shares a car, each capital is entered eagerly, share a car to present the situation that let a hundred flowers blossom to applied mode from product, capital.

Below the position that shares economy to be accepted generally to consume a group, time-sharing of car of new energy resources is rented will burst forth more powerful development motive force. Be in especially the city with traffic enormous pressure, pass effective and integrated society scattered car resource, car time-sharing rents new energy resources to be able to alleviate not only urban traffic, still can solve what the people in city life exists generally to jockey with car difficult question.

Case of Luo Lan shellfish of international strategy advisory firm is in newest release ” 2018 China car shares a quotations field analysis to forecast a report ” think, the car shares a travel (basically include to hire car and net to restrict a car condition of two kinds of industry) wide development perspective is had in China, its are direct demand general by 8.16 million of 2015 / rapid growth reachs the day 37 million times of 2018 / day, growth of hopeful of corresponding market size reachs 380 billion yuan / year. The potential demand that we forecast a car to share a travel is in hopeful was achieved 160 million times 2018 / day, hopeful of size of corresponding and potential market achieves 1.8 trillion yuan. Case of Luo Lan shellfish forecasts the fervent trend that shares a car to be held back hard in afore-mentioned reports.

National information center shares association of Internet of economic research center, China to share economic job committee to be released jointly in Beijing ” China shares economy to develop a report 2017 ” show, china shared economic market to trade 2016 the forehead is 3.452 trillio阿爱上海同城

n yuan about, than going up year of growth 103% , among them traffic goes out row 203.8 billion yuan, grow 104% compared to the same period. Cast financing to differ relative to the big environment with cold hasten with Internet industry, share dimensions of economic business financing to continue to maintain considerably outspread. Shared economic financing dimensions to make an appointment with 171 billion yuan 2016, grow 130% compared to the same period, among them the financing scope that traffic gives a domain to share economy is 70 billion yuan, grow 124% respectively compared to the same period.

In light of circumstance of financing of particular industry, use a car for a time A annulus financing 128 million yuan, the Soda on field of the Chengdu City shares car and the Da Da that appear in partial area to be mixed with the car leave easily hired a car to finish A annulus financing, UCAR uses a car to wait immediately with car science and technology, Ponycar finished angel annulus financing, the blessing beauty of sea horse car and easy Xin finance comes series and head the GoFun of steam group goes out to finish B annulus financing all right.

International tycoon respect, daimule runs quickly the group is planning to be in China to share two old cars project conformity, con爱上海同城对对碰

centration sends force to share car market. Daimule runs quickly the group has in Chinese market go namely Car2go project and Car2share two share greatly (car) give a project. General motors is entered through a variety of channel share a travel field, enter global market with proposing company and share way oneself, its model includes traditional car and car of new energy resources; General motors makes a car share residential area of head card Maven to serve an item even.

Share of masses automobile group share Motor Corporation, if invest 300 million dollar to the Gett of Israel, this company is the first company of European that provides special service. On Chinese market, masses car China announces to cooperate with drop drop, share in global car quickly, by the overall arrangement that wants taxi field. Masses car still established brand-new shift to go out to serve company MOIA all right, its business cent is two kinds, namely APP network is made an appointment with the car serves and take business in all, all can apply a program to enjoy the service that use a car through the mobile phone. BMW group also hires a firm with the car joint-stock establish DriveNow company, already rolled out a car to share a service.

Unlike share bicycle, sharing a car is heavy property industry, every platform early days only car is purchased require on 100 million investment at every turn. Share car backside besides capital big alligator, the car makes an enterprise also did not look on indifferently. In recent years, situation of sale of market of individual of car of new energy resources suffers tired at charging boat of difficult, add short, price is expensive wait for an element. Through sharing car mode, just solve by operation charge, the problem such as add boat, price, but utmost eliminates people to be opposite the use apprehension of electric car.

Recently, xu and friendship show president of boreal steam group more publicly, bo阿拉爱上海同城

real steam developed to agree with technically the product that shares car of new energy resources, will be in 2 quarters are rolled out formally this year. The business that rent is advancing the time-sharing of the car manufacturer such as Li Fan, Chang’an in. Li Fan longs to amount to the time-sharing that use a car to rent a project below group division, already was in Chongqing advocate construction of the city zone exceeds 50 time-sharing to rent a place, put car of new energy resources on nearly 800.

The company large stockholder of Wuhan free is to join Kang Xinneng company, this company product enclothes system of assembly of electric car motivation and crucial component. Wuhan is dynamoelectric one of partner of firm of car demonstrative operation are east wind electric car Inc. , its are purchased and put in the car of operation, also be east wind is built.

The report that Pu Huayong points out, 5 years car time-sharing rents future market general continues to develop with exceeding the amplitude of 50% , the time-sharing market that rent predicts to tend gradually after 2018 Anacreontic, mainstream company can expand market share and lead position further through buying a form. The prospective time-sharing market that rent also will be formed 3 to the bibcock enterprise that precedes inside limits of 4 whole nations.

Industry development still faces heavy challenge

Although be chased after by a lot of people,share a car hold in both hands, but, unlike share bicycle, threshold of the car time-sharing industry that rent is higher, business market dimensions suffers all sorts of resource effects such as car, license plate easily, heavy challenge is faced in developing a process.

Above all, share the cost tall look forward to of the car. Because car purchases cost tall, a few share car platform to invest car amount the site is little, little, the user returns a car to take car inconvenience, form dimensions hard. Unlike share bicycle, share a car to be faced with jockey cost issue, in a sector of an area of core of city of line of just a little, a car jockeys only the month hires cost little criterion 449 yuan, get on 1000 yuan high. As a result of special veh上海同城对对碰交友社区

icle rare be short of, some platform cannot realize different ground to return a vehicle temporarily even. This is meant, the car is rented in certain site, also return a vehicle in former site surely, this restricted consumptive crowd greatly.

Next, share a car to use car of new energy resources mostly, because this charges the perfect degree of the establishment of form a complete set such as picket, immediate impact shares the development of the car. Many enterprises think, problem of the capital that buy a car still can think method is solved, but layout site be hard to go up blue sky.

Electric car needs to deploy build have charge the special vehicle of picket, because charge,picket still does not gain ground, car time-sharing rents new energy resources to also facing course of development angst and charge difficult problem, of car attemper, charge to need to consume a large number of labor power, increased the carry dimension cost of platform.

Together with charges the construction cost of picket is high, charge at present picket distributings to wait in courtyard of bazaar, hotel, community, mechanism mostly, the car that marries to it authority is belonged to dispersive, share car operation firm and car owner negotiates collaboration is more difficult, but without comfortable car, share car platform to cannot add a site.

The 3rd, wide on north wait greatly be restricted card city, rarer and rarer the license plate of aptitude of car of new energy resources that be short of, also be to restrict the one big obstacle that shares a car to enlarge dimensions. Express with car CEO Wang Yang for a time, the question with the at present biggest industry of time-sharing of new energy resources that rent is license plate, for instance 2016, issue as before of plate of motor-driven of be enslaved to be enslaved to puts gross to control, beijing allotted 2000 time-sharing to rent the management index of small passenger car only, share 5 enterprises to share this index.

Sharing car market is a huge cake, but how to digest it to still need very long time. On March 10, friendly friend of the industry of time-sharing of car of new energy resources that rent uses a car to announce to suspend operation, the investment money that before saying the immediate cause that halts use is, signs did not reach the designated position as scheduled. Although friendly friend uses the car operation efficiency of the car to say to go up,be industry outstanding, but still escape hard the destiny that close, this shares automobile industry to ring alarm bell noisy to what just start.

The development that shares a car cannot leave the support of local government. The personage inside course of study expresses, the government brings into it public traffic system, give policy to give aid to with resource form a complete set supports, share car talent real progress rises. (Reporter Zhang Bin)