” fist of ball of day be out of office 2 ” appear on the market only a week is stopped to make work sincere elder brother overturns old Mom unexpectedly

As a result of Japan the golden week holiday May, in Japan the last weekday April (on April 28) have many in time with adult game put on sale, for example of ghost father new the day that an animation and Overflow roll out derives game in campus ” fist of ball of day be out of office 2 ” , be in yesterday put on sale still be less than a week ” fist of ball of day be out of office 2 ” be made halt put on sale by him Overflow, reason is undeserved image is contained in game, couplet thinks of sincere elder brother can push him in this game old Mom, be this respect made big fear?

Wild ball fist explains in vain simply continuously is strip a finger-guessing game, be defeated by a pair so that the person takes off, the purpose with this the biggest to the player play is a dress that gets on girl body through a finger-guessing game come out, reach finally gathered up the achievement of bang bang bang, ” fist of ball of day be out of office ” this game says is game, but its are to mix in time about the same, because all H pictures are to pass 2D animation to reveal, won a finger-guessing game to gather up when the player smooth the girl basically is mixed look in time about the same, the woman role that this sincere elder brother should turn has 5, this need not say the world, Yan Xie, still have river bend greatly 2 happy event, beautiful hill courtyard respectful beauty also has appeared twice this in going up to be made, the new part that this making is Yi Teng sincere bud of cane of old Mom Yi child, play wild ball fist to be overturned again next with his old Mom, I can say sincere elder brother only you are individual form takes artillery piece oneself really, this making still undertook strengthening on H show, what do with respect to the animation that is bang bang bang is more delicate. Say this normally the 2nd make and the first making is adult game substantially, it is the 2nd old Mom that makes li of sincere elder brother want to push his alone only, looking is this bit play crossed fire, let this game be made actively halt put on sale by Overflow, but countless fact told us a such rules: Where harmonious where has the resource of old driver, at present this sincere elder brother pushs Mom game to be able to have found free download edition on the net.

By the way so-called the defends the system that defeat solution butter that used European company development ” PURELY CATION ” , sufferred defeat solution again that day after game put on sale, broad gent was hit deeply again ” AKABEiSOFT ” president an ablaze big a slap on the face. Pursue master drawing dark is broken, what use when oneself really is Denuvo.