Polish media is clear: ” koradji 3: Blood and wine ” day of put on sale is written

GRYOnline of website of polish recently game will ” koradji 3 ” the day of put on sale of new DLC blood and wine is written into on June 7, be included later IGN inside coverage of Euramerican game media. The likelihood is what pass this is too deep, the editor of media of this polish game began to refute a rumor.

DSOG of the intermediary outside occupying reports, the chief editor of GRY and they are contacted, affirm day of put on sale just took an a surname on June 7, be not is inside information. Because all authoritative information are to be in surely,he says the 2nd quarter, adding form of the time on their website is specific arrive some day, and cannot keep the time with so ambiguous Q2 in that way like the government, accordingly they figured a date is filled on.

He says: Blood and wine DLC when put on sale has not decided now. We express an apology to the inconvenience that causes from this, this time had been locked on our website now.

” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” blood and wine DLC authoritative information are Q2 put on sale, was June late most bottom. New DLC is a story that is as long as 20 hours, introduced brand-new game area Tao Sen is special, but the wind in this carefree environment and gallant nobleness model below, hiding an old and cruel secret however. New DLC will provide brand-new content for the player, weapon and enemy, still have new role and the old part that love, make detail character meticulously.