Bai Gailun of domestic old lady causes foreign player to pay close attention to all sorts of views to have

Outside before intermediary Kotaku reported a few days ago two days of old lady faults that cause everybody to pay close attention to do obeisance to Galen heat topic, this article also is released into English by the interpreter abroad website, state old lady missay regards Galen as in the article close fair, express to sympathize with an old lady. Article author is very lovely still. So how is watching foreign player evaluated.

ID expresses to refuse to obey for the user of Rich8606, say Galen has long beard, bare face? If Galen is done not have, so old lady not should wrong should close Galen fair, closing common main characteristic is bare face and long beard.

Subsequently an user that is called GunFlame states the old lady may be presbyopic, look not clear, she does not believe this without reason honour statuary it is to close fair other perhaps hero.