Farm of Li of zephyr trailing plants is hit strange ” Sakuna female singer of Tian Sui ” conversational system demonstrates

Edelweiss of Japanese independent atelier gave off their banner to play game of newest movement RPG today ” Sakuna female singer of Tian Sui ” demonstrate kinescope small paragraph, showed the bleb dialog result in game all-aroundly. ” paddy makes: Rice field and remains ” (the Sakuna female singer of renown Tian Sui) conversational system real opportunity demonstrates:
In this game, the player will act Sakuna, an arrogant and alone bumper harvest goddess, she was gone to to living by banish a flock of be gotten on by the dangerous islands of banish mankind. The player needs to make sure crop lives, food of the weapon that make, cooking, and exploration is labyrinthian will defeat an eccentric person on the island. In battle process, the player can use or so shift and leap, still have additionally lose by force and skill is atttacked and use plumage to move or avoid wait for a movement. The operation is not complex, make a double hit more easily, and still can combine the big worry in field to wait for yuan of always implementation to increase harm. The game appearance that this making is pure and fresh do not break again luxuriant, behavioral system is fluent all ready, and heroine is a Li of lovely ancient costume trailing plants, and of type of grass content language farming the style of new type game of movement of agrarian element confluence and labyrinthian exploration can let a player be enmeshed not to wish to come out among them. Game says before this will nowadays the winter lands PS4/PC.