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Healthy ability is the most important, so present people should have realised only healthy body ability does a lot of businesses quite. Fitness has made a kind of popular movement way, a lot of people like to make the equipment of a few fitness, can add sarcous condition. But bare-handed fitness also is a kind of popular fitness way, fitness can shape form and structure, and also be the figure that can give people a kind of health. Does so bare-handed fitness add muscle specific how should be done?

Bare-handed fitness adds muscle

One, the technical stress that bare-handed flesh hypertrophy trains

Definition: Bare-handed training (or call high number low intensity group) clear dividing line is: Exhaust of power of every groups of more than 15 ability (do not have force) completely, heavy lecture series (or in saying small number, medium) of high strenth group: Every groups most 15 (contain) regular meetingShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Force exhaust. Fall in love with the sea

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Because strength of bare-handed training group is relative inferior, reason uses the strategy that accumulates training quantity and complete power exhaust to comeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Develop hypertrophy of low intensity flesh.

Bare-handed fitness adds muscle

2, the training risk that must take seriously
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(A) excessive training: A large number of training inside short time and exceeding exhaustion may produce striated muscle deliquescent disease. When training quantity exceeds the body to draw range, personallyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Body tendency decomposes muscle and not be development muscle, reason is sure to want successive please.

(B) notices behavioral validity: When fatigue degree ascendant = trains character to fallShanghai Long Feng forum

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Fall. If want to obtain coequal Wu Chongxun the flesh hypertrophy effect of the group,

Bare-handed fitness adds muscle

Bare-handed training needs more training capacities, for example of 100 above bare-handed crouch greatly, and successive much group. I dare not envisage an abecedarian to use wrong pose to be done hundreds times below fatigue circumstance crouch greatly can produce what thing.

Brief summary:

Training of weight of oneself of 1. low intensity also can obtain good flesh hypertrophy to train the effect: The condition is to accumulate more to train quantity and complete power exhaust

2. acts accordingly: (1) notes behavioral quality: Avoid the behavioral acting countervail that tall exhaustion brings! (2) successive: The striated muscle that understands short time to train in great quantities dissolves risk