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Erupt force, it is the reaction of one individual fitness, also be the reaction of one individual force at the same time, erupt force basically is to show we move or be in is the distance that makes an object mobile for an instant, this is particularly apparent when we have campaign at ordinary times, and erupt force not only matter with a priori, and also do not leave with our acquired training cent, does lower limbs understand to erupt together below what method does force training have?

Lower limbs erupts force training has what method

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1, hop: The step of 10-15 centimeter, hold thin leg position, carry leg department erect, as far as possible knee is not curved, pop-up goes, the contact jumps down on step brim wheeler, undertake repeatedly, rely on gambrel force to undertake only, a foot jumps 20-50 second, according to oneself circumstance calm; exchanges a foot, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Undertake likewise. Bipod is finished calculate a group, 5-8 group, write one’s own ticket.

2, jumping pit hop: Jumping pit is soft, do not borrow on force, so the outbreak of gambrel force is the source sending force that you count on exclusively, can place jumps, also can use afore-mentionedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Means, regard the brim of jumping pit as step to undertake contacting.

3, carry high leg / carry high partly leg:

High frequency time, 10 seconds a group, record number, bipod calculates alternately perhaps calculate 21000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Second, this is indifferent to, want yourself to knew to do a few more again next time only, that progresses namely. Requirement movement reachs the designated position, carry high leg, ham and ground are parallel, carry high partly leg, ham and ground show 45 degrees.

Rest after 10 seconds, try pulse 10 seconds, by 6, minutely restore 80 less than, can undertake issueing a group.

4, run stair: The each class chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position of stair is not high, fit double foot high frequency exchange takes exercise, ask an attention, not be to climb stairs, it is to run, step amount 15-20 is advisable, a group 5 times, go coming down to run immediately on, 5 groups – 8 groups about the same.

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Erupt with training lower limbs effectively the method of force, if we think the lower limbs that raises our erupts,force can pass afore-mentioned motion to undertake, and rise erupt the motion of force is a kind of long-term need our importunate movesForum of Shanghai night net

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, after holding to for long, our lower limbs erupts force can get rising effectively.