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Wax gourd is to eat a kind morer to feed capable person at ordinary times, the commonnest is to stew wax gourd soup to eat, for instance Shang Yi of chop wax gourdLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Reach wax gourd to stew chicken broth to wait a moment, this kind of food has wax gourd action of preserve one’s health of a lot of health care, have the effect of diuresis detumescence for instance, the person with those occurrence obese oedema, be about to eat wax gourd more at ordinary times, effect of subsidence of a swelling is first-rate, so can be wax gourd fried together with fabaceous horn will eat?

Can be fabaceous horn and wax gourd fried together?

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Can be fabaceous horn and wax gourd fried together?

Wax gourd and kidney bean can eat together, because the health of the body won’t be affected between them, nonexistent conflict also is on nutrient composition, they return the nutrient element that place of can seasonable compensatory human body requires.

Kidney bean can be mixed wax gourd is fried together

Kidney bean and wax gourd can be fried together, but kidney bean must thoroughly cook his, unripe kidney bean is toxic element, those who go against is healthy, kidney bean is thoroughlied cook very hard, the time that cooks so must lengthen.

Can be fabaceous horn and wax gourd fried together?

The flavour of kidney bean is better, so very get authority love, it has tasted not only, and nutrient value also is very tall, contain a lot ofa variety of vitamins, mineral, reduce the cholesterol inside body effectively, the health of stimulative heart and vessels. Appear when the body when affecting, also can eat a few kidney bean, achieve antiphlogistic result thereby.

Wax gourd also is one kind is opposite healthy a kind of helpful food, still have fair officinal value, have fair auxiliary treatment to a lot of diseases. And the adipose content in wax gourd is extremely low, personage reducing weight is to be able to be at ease of edible.

The edible of kidney bean note

Want to know above all, kidney bean cannot be eaten raw, some legume are but1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, but kidney bean is no good namely, because unripe kidney bean is poisonous, what can endanger is healthy, be in so cooking kidney bean when must thoroughly cook its.

At the same time kidney bean also is cannot of excessive edible, kidney bean makes person generation very easily abdominal distension, bring about indigestion, let a person lose appetite.

Can be fabaceous horn and wax gourd fried together?

The kidney bean wax gourd that stew

1, above all wax gourd cortical and all cut except, itShanghai noble baby

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flesh also is to need to count purify, it subsequently abluent section reserves.

2, undertake kidney bean choose is taken subsequently, rip its veins that stand out under the skin, again it abluent, cut paragraph.

3, right amount clear water is put in catching boiler, big baked wheaten cake leaves, put kidney bean undertake scald is ironed, changed the fish out drop of color general is dry, reserve.

4, pat garlic broken.

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5, can heat up boiler at this moment, explode first sweet garlic, in putting kidney bean bowl subsequently, break up fry a little while, join wax gourd.

6, join subsequently unripe smoke, clear water, building boiler to build stew to be being boiled.

7, etc food is about the same ripe, join agitate of salt, white sugar, gourmet powder even, again stew can fill an edible a little while.